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* Whale Eco Distribution Agreement

Leave empty when commercial agreements with individual device manufactures are required. Individual agreements overrule the default scope for app distribution.

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Can the App thumbnail be animated?

The required App Icons/thumnails shall be provided in 148x100, 320x180 and 500x500. Because of graphical and performance reasons we only allow static images as App icons.

What fonts are present?

Sans Serif font, Web Fonts in WOFF / WOFF2 (Web Open Font Format) and TTF (TrueType Font) file format. Refer Design How-tos section for more details.

Are there guidelines which can help me design a 10 ft UI?

The average distance that a user sit from TV is 10 foot (3 Meters), So we recommend to use large enough font size ( 22px) for text in application .

Applications must explicitly set colors for all visual elements like text, background and focus element. Apps must not depend on default colors set by browser engine.

For more details refer to the Design How-tos on this portal. 

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