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ZEASN Releases New Whale Linux Emulator

ZEASN Releases New Whale Linux Emulator


Beijing, September 16, 2022 - ZEASN, the world’s leading provider of OTT and smart TV solutions, today released the new version of Whale Linux Emulator (version 1.1),  a tool that allows developers to do all the tweaks needed to build excellent TV apps from the comfort of their computers. Through this new simulation tool, ZEASN will help global developers to debug TV apps, shorten development time, reduce development costs, and improve testing efficiency.



The new Whale Linux Emulator is available as a pre-packaged VirtualBox image. This ensures a stable and consistent reference working environment, pre-configured to resemble those found on a real device, and allows developers to easily check how their creations will look and work on the latest Honghu or other TV browsers. The new tool provides a series of useful functions such as customizing user agents, adjusting resolution, bookmarks, proxy configuration, and virtual remote control.


The main features of the new Whale Linux Emulator:

1.Provide a testing environment based on Honghu Browser. 

2.Support custom user agent information.

3.Enhanced virtual remote control, you can control the application in the emulator just like on an actual device.

4.Bookmark function, enable developers to launch TV apps quickly.

5.Support resolution, and proxy information configuration.


Suriko Wei, Senior Director of R&D Center at ZEASN said, “Assisting global developers to create TV apps based on Linux platform is one of Whale Eco's important missions. The new Emulator helps teams of any size easily develop and test apps right from their own laptops. The emulator is one of the many professional and powerful technical support tools on the Whale Developer Portal. Our goal is to encourage the success of partners in Whale Eco, we will continue to update Emulator and help developers to extend innovative new app experiences to the TV.”


Contact Us:

Visit Whale Developer Portal: https://partner.zeasn.com/partnerportal

Email: info@zeasn.com



About ZEASN:


ZEASN is a leading technology company headquartered in Singapore. With a focus on the connected TV ZEASN is a prominent technology company headquartered in Singapore, specializing in providing innovative solutions for the connected TV (CTV) industry. With a strong focus on developing advanced operating systems, content aggregation platforms, and advertising solutions, ZEASN empowers content providers, device manufacturers, and service operators to deliver immersive and personalized experiences to viewers worldwide.


ZEASN's flagship product, the Whale OS, is a cutting-edge CTV operating system that offers a comprehensive and seamless platform for smart TVs and other connected devices. With its robust features, including a user-friendly interface, extensive app ecosystem, and powerful content discovery capabilities, Whale OS enables users to access their favorite content with ease and efficiency.


Recognizing the importance of content aggregation in the rapidly evolving CTV landscape, ZEASN has established itself as a key partner for content providers. By integrating with leading streaming services, broadcasters, and app developers, ZEASN ensures that viewers have access to a wide range of popular and niche content, all in one unified platform.


ZEASN's commitment to driving innovation and industry collaboration is reflected in its mission to provide a compelling alternative to the dominance of American giants such as Google, Roku, or Amazon in the CTV market. By offering an independent CTV OS and AVOD/FAST product, ZEASN aims to create a vibrant and competitive ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, from content creators to advertisers and viewers.


For more information about ZEASN and its products, please visit www.zeasn.com.

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