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Rockear Las Communicaciones Extends Distribution to ZEASN-Supported Smart Tvs in Latin America


Buenos Aires, October 20, 2022 – ZEASN, the world’s leading provider of OTT and smart TV solutions, today announced that Rockear Las Communicaciones, a great content portfolio about the impact of technology on communication is now available on ZEASN-supported smart TVs, including multiple well-known brands and Whale OS-powered connected televisions. This is Rockear Las Communicaciones' first launch at a smart TV platform.



Rockear Las Communicaciones is developed by Carlos Mazalán, one of the best professional communicators in Argentina. In this world where the only constant changes, the platform aims to be an oasis of inspiration for many people who have to adapt, incorporate concepts, and be encouraged by everything that comes, which is nothing more than understanding that the future has come to visit us since the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation curve. Rockear Las Communicaciones is now reaching a greater range of viewers and audiences on smart TVs supported by ZEASN.

"Since its launch in 2018, the ZEASN Whale Eco strategy has been committed to uniting leading smart device brands and content providers to bring premium home entertainment services to users through Whale OS." Commenting on the collaboration, Thomas Li, ZEASN Regional Director for Europe & LatAm said, "The collaboration between ZEASN and Rockear Las Comunicaciones is a joint contribution to help our users better understand and take advantage of the advancements in technology in our lives. We appreciate the valuable contribution of Carlos Mazalán to the Whale Eco strategy in Latin America by adding value to the mission of ‘Bringing the World Home’. We will continue to unite our Whale Eco partners and provide extraordinary services to our growing users. " 

The Rockear las Comunicaciones App is now available for download on any ZEASN supported device in Whale Eco in Latin America to access the great content. 


About Rockear las Comunicaciones

RKC is a project that tells about the evolution of technology and how it changed the way in which that we communicate, to do business and incorporate new habits, looking at where we come from and where we are going.

It aims to be an oasis of inspiration for many people who have to adapt, incorporate concepts and be encouraged by everything that comes, which is nothing more than understand that the future came to visit us, since the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation curve.Carlos Mazalán is a referees communicator nte from Argentina who was honored as the best of his country in 2021 by the Eikon Awards juries. He was the founder of Mazalan.com and is an outstanding professional linked to the world of technology where his company stands out since 1994, having worked with more than 600 international brands. For more information, visit: https://rockearlascomunicaciones.mazalan.com.ar



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Whale Eco is ZEASN's effort to build a smart home entertainment ecosystem that has served global users since 2018. The ecosystem takes Whale OS as the core, relying on professional and powerful Whale cloud services and smart devices, and unites content service partners, technical service providers, advertising service providers, and smart device manufacturers to provide global users with wonderful home entertainment products. Whale Eco’s partners include Philips, Netflix, Novatek, TPV, TCL, Amazon, Google, etc. To find out more, please visit: https://www.zeasn.com


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